Policies and Procedures

A Message To Our Clients As We Navigate Covid-19

With the number of Covid-19 cases rising again in our city, Ottawa Public
Health has provided us with new guidelines to follow. We want to ensure to
all of our clients that we have safety protocols and procedures put in place to allow our services to be safe for everyone.

We are in contact with our team members on a daily basis and ask that they
self-evaluate each day before starting work. We will be providing personal
protection equipment (PPE) to our cleaning staff as an added precautionary
measure for all cleanings. We kindly ask that social distancing be
maintained when we visit your home by either electing to temporarily leave your property during our time there or remaining in a separate area from where the cleaning is occurring.

We require all staff to wear a mask and gloves while at your home and to be
sanitizing their equipment and shoes between cleans. We also ask that you
please wear a face mask when speaking to our team members, and to allow
them to flow through your home without much conversation at this time. We understand this changes the relationship that you may be looking forward to having with our team member, however, this is required for everyone’s safety at this time.

We are also now including mandatory face masks when opening the door to let your team member into your home. We do not expect you to wear the
mask for the entire clean, only when you are in close contact to
communicate with our team. If you are unable to provide space between
yourself and our team member at this time, please inform us and we will be
happy to work with you to figure out the best option for your home.
Unfortunately, we cannot return to clients homes if they continue to
disregard our policies, as safety is our number one concern!

**Please note all employee equipment used in your home will be
disinfected in between homes to prevent any spread of germs. **
We are doing our best to keep your family safe with our team following the
City of Ottawa guidelines and we are asking for you to do the same for our
team and their families.
We appreciate your continued support and understanding as we navigate
these challenging circumstances!

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