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The introduction of micro fibre cleaning cloths has become an acceptable practice worldwide. Commercial use of micro fibre cleaning cloths is starting to increase, and their costs are reducing. Greenapple Cleaning Service uses micro fibre cloths for all of our residential cleaning.

The material is usually 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide. These cleaning cloths come in a variety of weights, sizes and designs. The predominant feature of micro fibre cloths is that the fibre has an increased ability to absorb soils.

Micro fibre cloths come in a variety of blends, some of which are extremely soft to surfaces and skin, and others that are more aggressive and can scratch delicate surfaces.

We offer a different kind of clean. 

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We use only non-toxic, chemical free, environmentally-certified and sustainable cleaning products that create a natural freshness.

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We guarantee a truly thorough and high standard of clean based on our 20-point home clean checklist.

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We are Ottawa’s healthy and environmentally sustainable professional house cleaning service. Our approach to cleaning your home is different than anything you’ve ever experienced before. Our premier home and house cleaning services include our 20 Points of Cleanlinessthe Greenapple Health Promise and the Greenapple Clean Personal Guarantee. We consider the environment and your family’s health and wellness to be equally important and key aspects to our business. We use only certified Dustbane environmentally sustainable cleaning agents and products, non-toxic and chemical free, accredited with Canada’s EcoLogo. We also use biodegradable microfibre cloths and throwaways when cleaning your home as well as custom built commercial grade HEPA filtration vacuums. Learn why we offer a different kind of clean.

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