5 Practical Ways to Save the Environment

These days, everyone seems to be concerned about the environment. We all want to leave our world in the best shape possible for future generations, but with all the issues being laid out for us, it’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly how to make things better. Here at Greenapple House Cleaning, we know what a struggle it can be to want to do something, but not know what to do. That’s why we have compiled a short list of simple things you can do every day, every week, or even just once a month to help save and protect our precious environment.

Saving the Environment With Greenapple House Cleaning

  • Prevent Energy Leaks– Have you taken the time to insulate your home and fix any leaks that it may have? While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually is. When you make your home more efficient to heat and cool by sealing ducts, insulating, and weatherizing, you can save up to 50% on your energy bills each month. This dramatically reduces your impact on the environment as well.
  • Adjust the Thermostats– That’s right, we said thermostats! Set the heater in your home to 78 degrees F in the summer and 68 degrees F in the winter. Adjust your hot water heater to 140 degrees or lower. Finally, use the energy saving setting on your refrigerator. By making these small adjustments to the thermostats in your home, you’ll save money and reduce the amount of energy you use.
  • Plant Some Trees– We all know that trees are important, but do you know how important? Trees help to reduce noise pollution, trap CO2 emissions, thereby reducing the effects we feel from global warming, reduce our need to use energy to cool our homes, improve mental health, and even increase the value of your property and home. Planting a few trees in your yard and in the community in which you live can have surprising, and environmentally-friendly, results.
  • Use Greenapple House Cleaning– Keeping your home clean may not seem important to the environment, but it is when your home cleaning methods involve toxic chemicals from traditional cleaning supplies and laundry soaps. These chemicals leak into the environment, contaminating our air, soil, and water. By relying on Greenapple for your home cleaning needs, you can reduce your environmental impact. How? We only use environmentally safe products to clean your home, like microfiber cloths, Activelon Water Technology, and HEPA filter vacuums. Our company is socially responsible; we care about ensuring your family and the environment are safe, while guaranteeing you a spotless home in the process.
  • Rethink Transportation– Do you drive to work every single day? Every time you get behind the wheel, you’re increasing your carbon footprint. Reduce it as much as possible. If you have the money, try buying an electric vehicle or a hybrid. If you don’t, carpool or use public transportation. Walk when you can or ride a bicycle.

Every little bit you do makes an impact on the environment. Take a few moments and think about what else you can do to help save our planet with the help of Greenapple House Cleaning.

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