Benefits of Microfiber in Your Home

At Greenapple House Cleaning, we use microfiber cloths for office and home cleaning on a daily basis. We realized, though, that not all of our wonderful clients might understand why we choose to use these products instead of traditional rags or cleaning cloths.

Microfiber is a material that is made from two fibers, polyamide and polyester. The first is a fiber that is quick-drying and very absorbent. The second is a fiber that is very useful when it comes to cleaning and polishing. By combining these two products, both of their unique qualities are united, making microfiber more effective than any other cleaning cloth.

Why does this work? The effectiveness and technology of microfiber comes from the construction of every strand, which has been split to create millions of small ‘hooks’ that are able to attract and remove dirt, bacteria, and dust from your home or office. If you were to evaluate each tiny strand, you’d see that it looks like a wedge. This allows the material to trap every item of dirt it comes in contact with until it is washed. Because there are about 90,000 fibers per square inch, that’s a lot of dirt that can be trapped.

Benefits of Using Microfiber

When it comes to home cleaning, we love using microfiber when we’re cleaning, and there are several reasons for it.

  • Do you have allergies? Microfibers is a hypoallergenic product that allows us to clean your home without using chemicals. When we’re dusting, our microfiber cloths trap dust and dirt as well, instead of sending them into the air for you to breathe them in.
  • It’s more effective. Traditional paper and cotton cleaning and wiping products often tend to just push grime and dirt around, rather than actually removing it from your home or office. While things may look cleaner, they actually aren’t. Microfiber is absorbent, so it picks up every bit of dirt and grime it comes in contact with.
  • They’re safe to use. Have you ever accidentally scratched your counter top or sink using a sponge or cotton cloth to clean it? This is always frustrating, but it’s not something you have to worry about when your hire Greenapple House Cleaning. Our microfiber cloths are non-abrasive and safe to use on any surface in your home or office. This means you can trust that your home’s surfaces will look as pristine as they should when you return.
  • They work best with water. Instead of using chemicals, which are harmful to your health and safety, you can simply use a bit of water with microfiber. They work best when they are slightly damp.
  • They last. Another big reason we at Greenapple House Cleaning use microfiber cloths is because they last. When they are properly washed and dried, they can be reused hundreds of times.

Wondering why we love microfiber so much for office and home cleaning? Our staff at Greenapple House Cleaning loves the way this synthetic material traps dirt and keeps your surfaces safe, all without the use of harmful chemicals. Want to see what microfiber can do for you? Call us today to set up an appointment.

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