Best Tips for Cleaning Green

Toxic cleaning products are used everywhere. They’re used to clean your counters, your dishes, your floors, and even your clothes. While you know that these products aren’t the safest to use, you do it all in the name of the war on dirt. Unfortunately, you’re probably making things worse.

The majority of traditional household cleaning products are petroleum-based and contain a number of chemicals that can have toxic side effects to our health and the environment. So what can we do about it? There are some simple way to green your home cleaning routine that can keep your home looking its best without letting in those chemical toxins.

Greening Your Cleaning Routine

  • Open the Windows– As often as possible, open up the windows in your home or office. While our houses and buildings are better insulated than ever (a great thing from the standpoint of energy saving needs,) it means that the toxins that are inside stay there. By opening up the windows you can allow fresh air in and keep toxins out. This is essential when you’re cleaning your home.
  • Use Baking Soda– Do your carpets have an unusual odor to them? Don’t reach for the chemical fresheners that could put your children and pets in danger. Instead, just sprinkle on some baking soda. This will soak up the odors. You can then just vacuum it up.
  • Clean Your Indoor Air– Use natural ways of cleaning your indoor air instead of using those store-bought chemical-ridden air fresheners. Try boiling cloves, cinnamon, or other herbs for a fun, fresh, aroma. While having plants in your home won’t help your house smell any different (most of the time,) broad green leafed plants are excellent for filtering the air in your home.
  • Throw Away Cleaners Carefully– When you’re getting rid of toxic cleaners, be careful to not just throw them in the trash. If they aren’t good for your family and your home, they aren’t going to be good for the environment when they end up in a landfill. Don’t poor them down the drain, either, or they could end up in the water supply. Instead, find out if your local community holds a recycling day for electronics and toxic chemicals; most do.
  • Stop Toxins Before They Come in– After walking around all day, your shoes carry an outrageous number of toxins right into your home. Stop them now. Have everyone in your home take their shoes off before they come inside. This will not only mean fewer toxins indoors, but will also mean your home will require less work to keep it clean.
  • Hire Greenapple House Cleaning– Want to ensure your home is truly cleaned with the greenest technology and products? Hire Greenapple House Cleaning. We use microfiber clothes, activelon technology, and HEPA filters to keep your home and safe for your family to live in. With visit from us weekly or every other week, you will find it’s easier than ever to stick to a home cleaning routine that that is green and safe.

Ready to green your home cleaning routine? Call Greenapple House Cleaning for the best results.

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