Hiring a Maid- Is it Worth the Money?

One of the first questions people ask themselves when they begin thinking about hiring a housekeeper from Greenapple House Cleaning is “Is it really worth the money?” Many struggle with the decision of hiring a maid versus cleaning their home themselves. After all, why pay for something you can do yourself?

The truth is, though, it’s not that difficult to make this decision. All you need to do is break things down and ask yourself one simple question.

Let’s say you have a small apartment, 700 square feet. Vacuuming the space takes only 15 minutes. Cleaning the one bathroom you have (including scrubbing down the toilet and the shower door) takes 30 minutes. Cleaning the kitchen takes another 25, including time spent scrubbing the inside of the microwave. Dusting requires only about 15 minutes. If you do this once a week, you’re spending about a hour and a half cleaning. This doesn’t include the tidying up you do throughout the week, the laundry, or washing the dishes and wiping down the kitchen counters every night.

Now let’s say you have a three bedroom, two bath home and two messy kids and a lovable family pet. You can now double or even triple the time you spend each week cleaning.

The question is: what is your time worth to you?

Greenapple House Cleaning: Why We’re Worth it

Time is a precious thing, and sometimes it can be worth a lot more than the money in your pocket. You can’t get back time missed tucking your children into bed at night. You can’t get back the time you didn’t get to spend relaxing with your spouse after work. When you hire Greenapple House Cleaning services, you are making a statement about how precious your time is, and making the most of it.

Why hire us?

  • We do it for a Living– This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re better at cleaning your home than you are, but we do it for a living. That means we aren’t going to rush through the home cleaning process or take shortcuts to save time, as you might do if you’re feeling like you’re missing out on time with family or friends. We take the time to make sure every inch of your home is cleaned thoroughly so you’re left with only minimal cleaning until our next visit.
  • We Have the Tools– Why spend the extra money on green cleaning supplies, HEPA filtration vacuums, and micro fiber cloths when you don’t have to? We already have these supplies ready to go, along with Activelon cleaning technology. This means we can not only clean your home thoroughly, but we’ll do so in a way that is safe for your family and the environment.
  • We Make a Promise– Our promise is to deliver a clean and fresh home that is never exposed to anything toxic. Our home cleaning methods ensure that you receive the highest quality of clean without the mess that can come with traditional household cleaners.

At Greenapple House Cleaning, we don’t just clean your home, we give you your time back. Time to spend with your family and loved ones. Don’t let home cleaning consume your life; there are far more precious moments to enjoy. Rely on Greenapple House Cleaning instead.

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