Asthma Triggers in Your Home (And How to get rid of Them)

For a lot of people, learning how to live with and control asthma symptoms is just a part of life. It’s practically impossible to avoid every symptom at all times, but knowing what conditions, activities, and materials can play a role in triggering your asthma can help you live a healthier life. The problem is, the triggers behind asthma attacks can be different for every individual. That’s why know what each trigger might be can help you avoid future attacks.

Common Triggers for Asthma Attacks

  • Mildew and Mold- When moisture is present in the air, mold has the right conditions to grow, and when you inhale the particles, you could have an asthma attack. Keep the amount of humidity in your home low and prevent mold by using an air conditioner or dehumidifier. You can also open a window after you show or install an exhaust fan in the bathroom to reduce humidity and limit mold growth. The humidity levels should be less 50% in your home.
  • Dust Mites- A Greenapple House Cleaning, we realize that many of our clients believe their homes are relatively clean, even before they call us. The problem is, almost every home has dust mites. These tiny bugs are common triggers for allergies and asthma, but they can be avoided with a few steps. First, cover your pillows, sofas, and even your mattresses with covers that are dust-proof. Avoid any type of down bedding and de-clutter your home as much as possible. If you find you do have dust mites in your bedding, wash them on the hottest setting possible.
  • Pets- Yes, they are cute and cuddly, but your lovable pets may also be triggering your asthma attacks. Luckily, Greenapple House Cleaning has the right solution for this problem. We use HEPA filtered vacuums and microfiber clothes that trap pet dander (the real trigger.) You can do your part as well. Bathe your pets at least once a week if possible and wash your hands after playing with them. It can also help to keep them off your furniture and worktops.
  • Household Products- We’ve discussed the dangers of household products before, but when you have asthma, the risks are worse. The chemicals that are released into the air when using household cleaning products can trigger asthma attacks. When you need to get a bit of home cleaning done, use natural solutions instead. You’d be amazed at the power of green home cleaning products.
  • Dust- As many times as you clean your home, dust is always an issue you have to deal with, and it’s filled with a number of allergy triggers that can cause problems for your asthma. To remove as many dust particles as possible, always use a HEPA filtered vacuum and microfiber cloths. These trap the particles instead of sweeping them out into the air while dusting.

Want to control your asthma symptoms and reduce your chances of an attack? Avoid these triggers and allow Greenapple House Cleaning to use our expertise to remove as many triggers as possible from your home.

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