How to Minimize Bathroom Waste

This may come as a shock, the but your bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in your home to cut back on waste. If you’re striving to create a greener home, all you need to do is adjust your shopping habits. In the end, you may not even need to have a garbage bin in the bathroom anymore or have excess plastic containers in your recycling bin.

If you’re interested in reducing the amount of waste your bathroom produces, consider these tips from the experts at Greenapple House Cleaning. We’ll help you determine what changes you need to make and help you understand what they’ll mean for your green home.

Easy Steps to Minimize Waste in the Bathroom

1. Reduce Plastic Use

Instead of purchasing different shampoos and body washes for the entire family, buy one multipurpose soap instead. Use bar soap instead of pump-action hand soap bottles if possible.  Be careful as well to avoid hand soaps that contains triclosan, a chemical that the American and Canadian Medical Association urge consumers to avoid.)

Consider other materials instead of plastic for items in your bathroom, like hemp shower curtains, soap boxes made from aluminum, wooden toilet brushes, and wooden thermometers for the bath.

2. Refill & Buy in Bulk

Love your shampoo, body washes, or hand soaps? If you can’t live without them, be smart about how you purchase them. Buy in bulk whenever you can and reuse the same bottles if possible.

Purchase your toilet paper in bulk as well. Many supply stores will sell individually paper-wrapped toilet paper rolls in large cardboard boxes. The wrappers on these are 100% recyclable, unlike the plastic wrapped version you’ll buy at the store. Just make sure the toilet paper is recycled and unbleached.
3. Make it From Scratch

If you can make it at home, there won’t be any need for additional waste in your bathroom, and you’d be surprised what you can actually make in the comfort of your own home. Deodorant can be made and placed in a glass jar and tooth powder can be created using stevia powder and baking soda.

A variety of cosmetics can be made at home too, such as cleansers, clarifying masks, and facial exfoliates. Many of them use simple household supplies that you may already have in the bathroom of kitchen, like yogurt, almond meal, black pepper, avocados, eggs, and oatmeal. Each of these can be placed in reusable glass jars and labeled so you can use them on a daily basis. When they are empty, simply wash them out and fill them up again. No waste needed.
4. Support Companies That are Green
Green companies are just as concerned as you are about waste, so why not support them? Find companies that offer their products in glass, metal, or wooden containers.

While you’re cleaning out your bathroom of unnecessary waste, why not make sure it’s clean- the green way. Call Greenapple House Cleaning today for all your home cleaning needs. We are dedicated to helping you reduce waste and keep your home as green as possible.

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