How to Minimize Kitchen Waste

In today’s aware world, we all see the damage that is being done to our environment by the waste we produce. It’s for that reason that many of us are turning toward a greener lifestyle; one in which we produce little to no waste. It’s easy, too, with the variety of materials and alternatives available these days, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

If you’re interested in adopting a minimal waste lifestyle, here are a few tips from the experts at Greenapple House Cleaning on how to do so.
Paper or Plastic?
How do you keep waste from being a problem in your home? Don’t let it in in the first place. Begin shopping smarter; reuse packaging and invest in canvas totes to haul your groceries. There’s no reason you should ever have to decide whether you want paper or plastic bags when you have heavy-duty canvas totes available. When you get home, store the groceries in smart, reusable containers like glass jars instead of plastic ones.
Buy in Bulk
Purchasing larger quantities of food reduces the amount of packaging you bring into your home, but it also allows you to save time and money. Shop at a bulk store for items like 50 pound bags of rice, sugar, or flour, and you’ll save money, time, and keeps you green. Just be sure to only purchase what you need so none of the items go to waste.

When you do have household waste in the kitchen, one of the best ways to deal with it is with composting. Composting allows you to recycle food scraps, some paper, and yard clippings right in your own garden. Some of the best composters you can purchase are earthworm-filled boxes that have tumblers. You can make your own though for a cheaper and easier alternative. When the compost is complete, you’ll have rich nutrients for your garden.
Make it from Scratch
While today’s cooks may like the convenience of eating out, cooking foods from scratch can reduce your waste in the kitchen and become an easy routine to get used to. Try out a few recipes and see how much packaging you’ll save. You can make items like bread, canned goods, cereal, and even yogurt in your own kitchen. You’ll not only save money and the environment, but you’ll have the privilege of eating fresh, wholesome food.

Ditch the disposables
Want an easy way to reduce waste in the kitchen? Stop purchasing paper napkins, garbage liners, paper towels, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil. Instead, make use of alternatives that can be washed and used again and again.

Creating a minimal waste environment in your home isn’t difficult. Take the time to add these ideas to your regular routine so you can have a more eco-friendly household.

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