4 Ways to Increase Storage Space Around Your Home

As we accumulate new things and our families grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to find places to keep things. When we run out of places to store our items and our homes become cluttered messes! So what are we to do? We can’t make our homes grow and we can’t just throw our belongings away.

We are going to share with you, a few easy ways for you to increase the amount of storage you have in every room of your home. With these tips and tricks, you will finally have a place for everything and no more clutter!

Creating Storage in Your Home

Creating space is actually very simple, it’s all about being clever. The ideas we list below do not require reconstruction or anything major to be done in your home!

1. Kitchen

Pantries are great, they provide us with a place to store groceries, tupperware and whatever else we can manage to shove in there. However, we do have one complaint. Pantries are not a great use of space because the shelves often have far too much space between them leaving us with minimal storage. We have a solution!

Remove the racks from your pantry and replace them with drawers. Choose drawers of varying depths in order to accommodate for taller items. You will find that instead of having three racks of storage, you will be able to fit about seven drawers, providing you with much more storage.

2. Bathroom

Let’s be honest, bathrooms are notorious for lacking a proper amount of storage space. You have one cupboard, maybe two, a couple of drawers, and that’s it. Well we are going to help you maximize this minimal space.

Instead of throwing everything loosely inside the cupboard, repurpose a shoe organizer for storage. Hang on the inside of your cupboard door and use it to hold your flat iron, wand, hair spray etc.

3. Bedroom

No matter how big your bedroom is, it’s never big enough for all of your stuff. We’ve found the secret to keeping your room, and your kid’s rooms, clutter free.

The answer is cubes. Cube shelving can be repurposed as an ottoman, a window seat, a way to give your bed a little something extra. Incorporate cube shelving and supply your rooms with cube bins. These will give you a place to put all of your little odds and ends.

4. Garage

Garages were made to store things, yet, they have no real storage areas. We know how annoying it can be trying to maneuver around your garage when it’s filled with random stuff. So we’re saying, “get it off the floor”!

The best garage storage, is ceiling storage. Install racks on your ceiling that the rims of bins can easily slide onto. This will keep floor space open, and help to create more organization.

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