8 Dirty Spots in Your Kitchen You’re Ignoring

Out of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen is most likely one of the rooms that gets the most attention. Even if you arrange for home cleaning help from Greenapple House Cleaning once a week or every other week, you’ll still spend some time cleaning on your own in this room. You may load the dishwasher after dinner each night, wipe down the counters, sweep the floor, and even pull out the mop every other day.

But are you getting all the grime and gunk? There are several spots in your kitchen you may be ignoring and that are harboring germs and bacteria.

Spots to Add to Your Home Cleaning Regimen

  1. The Bottom of Your Fridge- When you put food in and take food out of the refrigerator, crumbs and little bits of food are likely going to fall to the bottom of your fridge, where they will lay ignored until you clean. Pull out the produce drawers often and wipe down the bottom surface to keep your fridge smelling clean and free of bacteria.
  2. Microwave Ceiling- If you’re tall, or your microwave is located on a lower surface, you may be missing a lot of food particles when you clean it. Food splatters up when it’s cooked in the microwave, and even if you can’t see it easily, your microwave isn’t clean. Get rid of it by adding ¼ cup of vinegar to a cup of water and boiling it for three minutes in the microwave. The majority of the food should wipe off easily.
  3. Drawer Organizers- We like to think that the organizers we use in our utensil drawers stay safe and clean, simply because they are shut off from the rest of the kitchen. However, every time you open these drawers, food particles and dust invade. Pull them out and wipe them down regularly to guarantee a squeaky clean.
  4. The Bottom of the Hood or Microwave- Food splatters up in the microwave, but it does the same thing when you’re cooking on the stove. If your microwave is located about your range or you have a hood above your range, clean the bottoms of these areas thoroughly. Some of the parts may be able to be removed and soaked in your sink.
  5. Crumb Trays- Do crumbs fall out of your toaster every time you move it to a different place on the counter? This is probably because your crumb tray is full. Many people forget these even exist and let the crumbs build up much longer than they should. Empty it and scrub it clean at least once a week.
  6. The Pantry- The bottom of your pantry and the bottom of your refrigerator are very similar in that they are both areas where particles of food go to be forgotten. The bottom of your pantry may be hiding a few pieces of dog food that never quite made it to the bowl or pieces of onion skin that fell off when you made that delicious vegetable soup last week. Sweep and wipe down this area often to avoid unpleasant odors and bacteria.
  7. Trash Can- Cleaning your trash can often can get rid of odor-causing bacteria. While it isn’t a pleasant chore, scrubbing it down with a vinegar and water mix can get it clean while improving the scent of your garbage.
  8. Cabinet Doors- If your food splatters when cooking, you probably wipe it off your cabinet doors right away, but what if it doesn’t? Cabinet doors are more susceptible to dirt, dust, and grease than you might think, and wiping them down often is the only way you’ll be able to prevent gunk from building up and making your kitchen look dirty.

A Clean Kitchen With Greenapple House Cleaning

Keeping your kitchen beautiful and germ-free takes some work, and if you don’t have time to do it, don’t be afraid to call in the home cleaning experts. At Greenapple, we’ll make sure all those places where germs and food particles hide are taken care of so your kitchen not only looks beautiful, but smells that way too.

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