New Year, New Habits

Habits, they can either work for you, or against you. Personally I have a habit of setting my wash cloth on the counter in the bathroom and taking it out. So by the end of the week I have a counter full of dirty wash cloths, ew! In this scenario I would say my habit it working against me. However, if every day after I washed my face I had a habit of putting my wash cloth in the hamper, that would be working for me. See how that simple change made all the difference.

That was an extremely small scale example. Our homes are our comfort zone. We are free to be ourselves withing the confines of those four walls. For some of us, that isn’t such as good thing, because we have bad habits.

One way or another we are going to have habits, there’s no getting around it, it’s just human nature. Learning how to use our habit-forming-minds for good is the tricky part.

There are a few common…rituals (trying to use a word besides habit) we find ourselves repeating over and over again, that actually make our lives more difficult. Today we are going to look at these issues, and find a solution. If you follow the steps correctly, maintaining your house will be a cake walk!

Breaking and creating routines

Dishes: Everyone dreads washing the mountain of dishes at the end of each night. It takes forever, it’s gross and we just hate it. How do you cut down on dish washing time and keep them from getting disgusting? During the day, when you finish using a dish, instead of laying it in the sink, wash it! Get in the habit of washing every dish as soon as you’re done with it. At first it will be annoying, but as the weeks go on and your kitchen is constantly clean, you will learn to appreciate you’re new found habit.

Laundry: Stop letting your laundry basket get to the point where it’s overflowing, and you’re wearing bikini bottoms under your dress pants because all of your clothes are dirty. When you have enough dirty laundry to wash a load, do it! It will make your life much easier. Also, fold the laundry as soon as it is done in the dryer to prevent it from piling up and wrinkling.

Trash: When you notice the trash is full, take it out. There really is no point in just tying it up and leaving it in the bin. If you are the type of person who takes out the trash and sets it on the floor, you’re making more of a mess than you know. Little amounts of trash liquid and bacteria is getting all over your floor, you’re walking in it and then putting your feet up on the couch…and then you lay your head down on the couch. Think about that. From now on, just take the trash out to the trash can.

These are three of the top mess makers in homes. If you can tackle these three issues and form new, efficient habits, keeping your home clean will be a breeze. It takes twenty-something days to form a habit. Get in the groove of taking care of these messes immediately and eventually it will be second nature to you.

If you are not the type of person who spends enough time at home to take care of all the cleaning, it may be time to consider hiring a little bit of help. Green Apple will provide you with a staff member who is highly trained in the art of cleanliness. You will have one staff member assigned to your home in order to give you a sense of comfort about a stranger coming in. We make it our mission to do immaculate work every time. Call today to learn more about our services.

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