Tips for Preparing for Our Pre-Cleaning Assessment

Regardless how independent and self-confident you are, there are times when you need to reach out for a little help. Maybe your hours at work have increased, you entertain frequently, or you’re just too busy wrangling the kids to worry about taking care of that layer of dust accumulating on the baseboards. Whatever the reason, hiring a home cleaning service to assist you in cleaning your home on a regular basis is a good thing! Not having to worry with the deep cleaning or ‘once in a while’ items like window cleaning will definitely  free up a bit of your time and reduce the stress that comes with maintaining your home.

After making that initial call, however, you’re going to be faced with a brand new challenge: preparing for the pre-cleaning assessment. Getting ready for this visit requires organization and a bit of trust. Here’s how to and how not to do it.

Preparing for Your Home Cleaning Assessment

  • Don’t Clean- It may take a lot of self-control, but try to avoid extra cleaning before our team shows up for the assessment. When you clean beforehand, we can’t evaluate the space correctly. We may unknowingly providing you with a false estimate of the services you will need and the time it will take to complete them. We really aren’t here to judge. Actually, we love to be needed. All we want from you is an accurate estimate of your needs.
  • Make a List- If there are specific things you think we may miss, be sure to make a list to give us during  the assessment. Your list should also include any special instructions. “Leg is broken on coffee table. Please do not move.” is a good example.
  • Create Questions- If you have any questions, the pre-cleaning assessment is the perfect time to ask them, but don’t leave things up to memory. Write these down too, so you won’t  forget anything.
  • Discuss the First Visit- Your home cleaning specialist will provide you with information on what will occur during your first and subsequent visits to your home. Depending on the condition of your home, the initial visit may be similar to spring cleaning, when everything in every room is thoroughly addressed. Each follow up visit will involve maintaining those first efforts. Because of this, the first visit may take more time to complete.

Your Cleaning Assessment by Greenapple House Cleaning

At Greenapple House Cleaning, we perform complete assessments prior to cleaning your home because we want to make sure we meet all of your expectations. We understand that each family we assist is different, and you will have specific wants and needs of your own. Our pre-cleaning assessment allows us to take a look at those significant ideas and really assess how to handle the care of your home. We can:

  • Determine the amount of time it will take to clean your home with each visit.
  • Discuss what you do and do not want to happen.
  • Discuss security.
  • Talk about and thoroughly explain the non-toxic products we use.
  • Discuss any considerations, like pets, children or special situations that may alter the way we clean your home.

Best of all, we do this all for free so we can immediately begin building a relationship with you based on trust and honesty. We believe this is how service should always be!

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