What Your Desk Mess Says About You

It’s okay to admit it. At one point or another during your career, you’ve glanced over at the haphazard pile of rubbish your colleague calls a workspace and raised your eyebrows a little in surprise. It’s not shocking; their cubicle is full of half-filled coffee mugs, the walls are covered in yellow post-it notes, and their desk is lost somewhere under a pile of folders, papers, and what you can only assume used to be sandwich wrappers.

You should get points for not screaming and running away like you’re the star of a 1980’s horror movie, right?

While your cubicle buddy may not be the neat freak you wish he was, it’s important to remember that the judgment goes two ways. What do your colleagues think when they glance into your cubicle? Do they see a neat workspace, a little clutter, or a gigantic mess? The truth is, your desk shows off your personality, and the way you keep it tells others exactly what kind of person you really are.

Personalities Behind That Desk Mess

The Minimalist- The minimalist believes that less is more, so his desk mess is non-existent.

  • Tell-tale signs– A clean desk that contains nothing more than a computer, keyboard, and mouse. This is not the guy you talk to when you need to borrow a pencil.
  • Personality– The minimalist approach isn’t limited to his desk. This worker does as little as possible in the office, takes long lunches, and is quiet during every single meeting. It is his goal in life to never be seen or heard.

The Hoarder- The hoarder takes desk mess to a whole new level; in fact, their desk is bordering on being condemned.

  • Tell-tale signs- This cubicle looks like a stockpile- because it is. Anything and everything the worker could possibly need is right at his fingertips. While it may be messy, it could easily be the best place to go during the zombie apocalypse.
  • Personality- What does this mess of a desk say about the worker? It says “too many irons in the fire.” That mess of a desk tells others that this worker may always be busy, but he never really gets anything done. And how could he with all that mess?

The Documentarian- Love spending your weekends scrapbooking and your Monday’s showing off that new scrapbook? You sir, are a documentarian.

  • Tell-tale Signs- While documentarians do their best to avoid a cluttered look, there just isn’t enough room for the trophies, pictures, scrapbooks, cards, and calendars that have taken over their desk. Because of this, their cubicle may look a bit more crowded than necessary.
  • Personality- These individuals treasure every moment in life and are often the ones you turn to when you need something done and done right. They are always happy to help, and just as happy to document their efforts for a slideshow they will rope you into watching at the company picnic.

Does Your Cubicle Need Greenapple House Cleaning?

What does your desk mess say about you? Does it say you have a minimalistic approach to life? That you’ll treasure every moment (perhaps in a not-so-healthy way?)

Maybe your desk shouldn’t say anything of those things. Maybe it should simply show others you’re a dedicated individuals who works hard and loves life. How can this happen? It can easily happen with the help of Greenapple House Cleaning. Our office and home cleaning company can help you straighten up your cubicle so it represents you in the best light possible.

If you’re worried about how others see you, based on the appearance of your desk, contact us today. Our office and home cleaning company is just a phone call away.

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