How to Spring Clean the Kid’s Rooms

As a parent, you are more than aware of how quickly, and how thoroughly, kids destroy their bedrooms. They have the innate ability to transform their rooms from, neat and tidy, to a war zone in a matter of minutes! Cleaning up after them, or even asking them to help clean up is hard to do on a daily basis. So their bedrooms tend to be the rooms that you just keep the doors closed on.

But, it’s time for a change. No more closed off rooms, no more hidden messes. Let the Spring cleaning begin!

Tips For Cleaning the Kid’s Rooms

1. Trash / Donate Boxes: Have your child help you during this cleaning process. Have two boxes, one labeled “trash”, and the other “donate”. As you go through all of your child’s belonging with them let them help decide which toys and clothes are going away.

  • Clothes accumulate very quickly when your child is young, as they are constantly growing. Make sure you check every tag and don’t keep any clothes that no longer fit. Unless of course you are keeping them as a memory.
  • Be sure to get rid of any toys that you haven’t seen your child play with in a while or that are broken. Kid’s are always getting new toys so it is important to make room for the new.
  • If you are planning to donate your toys and clothes, there are many places that would love to have them. Goodwill, second hand shops, local daycare centers or churches.

2. Add organizational tools: These are things such as toy bins, shelves, coat racks etc. Putting these types of things in place in your child’s room will make it easier for them to clean up on their own as they will know where everything belongs.

  • Label toy bins/ baskets with images, if your child can’t read yet, or words that tell them what belongs in them. Ex: Legos, Barbies, Trucks.
  • Avoid adding large bins to children’s bedrooms as they tend to become a disorganized mess.

3. Make their closet accessible: If your child is too short to hang up their clothes, make their closet more kid friendly.

  • You can do this by lowering the clothes rod in their closet. This will promote your child to clean their room on their own and to keep their clothes put away.

4. Let your child clean: there are a couple of easy way to make cleaning more fun and more doable for your kids. It is important that they are very involved in the process of cleaning their room so that they don’t feel as though that’s Mom’s job or Dad’s job. No, maintaining the cleanliness of their bedroom is their job.

  • Give them a spray bottle with a child safe cleaner inside (there are many homemade cleaners that aren’t dangerous for kids) and let them wash the windows.
  • Sweeping can be difficult for kids because they don’t know how to make a pile. Use blue painter’s tape to make a square on the floor where they can sweep all of the dirt.

With all of these tips in mind, Spring cleaning your kid’s room will be something you can do together.

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