How to Create a Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

Whether you have two, or ten people living in your home, it seems that messes accumulate just as quickly. Once the dirty dishes have overtaken your whole kitchen counter, your laundry baskets are overflowing and there are random piles of junk lying around, cleaning can be a bit overwhelming and time consuming.

So how can we avoid these huge messes? How can we keep our homes in order and under control without spending hours cleaning every day? Well the answer we have for you involves doing a little bit of prior planning, but it will be worth it!

Coming Up With Your Weekly Schedule

A simple way to keep your home in a mess free state, is by creating a cleaning schedule for yourself and the family or friends who you share a home with. This can be a physical schedule that you display on the refrigerator or a wall, or just a document you create on your computer that can easily be referred to.

There are a few steps to this process that you will want to follow in order for it to be efficient and useful:

  1. Create a seven day chart labeled Sunday through Saturday.
  2. Figure out which chores need to be done on a daily basis. Example: washing dishes, taking out the garbage, and clearing up any little piles of clutter that have collected through the day. List these items on every day of the week.
  3. 3.     Now, especially when you are living with family, it is important that everyone does their part. So create a rotation and apply it to those chores. Keep track of who you left off with the week before so that one person isn’t doing more chores than another. Ex:
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dishes (Jon) Dishes (Sally) Dishes (Nick) Dishes (Sara) Dishes (Jon) Dishes (Sally) Dishes (Nick)
  1. Now that you have your daily chores on the chart, come up with a list of other chores that need to be done at least once or twice per week and follow the same process with those.
  2. Once you have a completed chart, with all of the chores assigned to family members / friends. Follow through with it. This is key to the success of your home cleanliness.

Now that you have a cleaning schedule, it will be much easier for the members of your household to work together as a team to keep your home in order. No more uncontrollable messes or wasted time cleaning up from the day before.

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