Green Cleaning for Kid Prints, Spills, and Sticky Messes

I finally watched the movie “The Switch” the other day. In it, Jennifer Anniston is the mom of a neurotic, yet charming six year old boy. In one scene the young man refuses to eat the roast duck that is brought to the table. “Do you know how they treat ducks that are raised for human consumption?” he asks. “Our planet is in crisis. I’m not eating that.” The truth is, our planet IS in crisis and there’s an entire generation learning from everything we do. There’s no neutral ground. We’re all either hurting or helping every day.

I’ve found the best way to make an impact with your kids is by “doing” and technically, you can only do what you know. So, here’s a little bit of education for you.

Keeping Your Home Green Clean

Oily Finger Prints- You know how annoying these are. You don’t really see them, until the light hits the wall just right. No amount of scrubbing seems to get the stain out either. What to do? Non-toxic white chalk, a microfiber cloth, and a bit of water will save the day.

  • Scribble with the chalk on a piece of paper to reduce the sharp edge (which could damage the paint on your walls) and create an angle.
  • Holding the chalk so that the angel is parallel with the wall, color over the oily fingerprints.
  • Let the chalk sit for five minutes. This will give the chalk time enough to soak up the oil from the prints.
  • Using a dry microfiber cloth, dust off the residue from the chalk. There should still be some chalk left on the oily marks.
  • Dampen the microfiber cloth a little bit and wipe off the remaining chalk. The oil stains will come off as well.

Cleaning the Microwave- You love that your teenagers are finally becoming more independent, and while that means you may not have to cook every single meal and snack for them, it still means you’ll end up cleaning up the mess. The next time they decide to heat up chili, popcorn, or leftover beef stew in the microwave, take care of it without a fuss.

  • Get a microwave safe bowl and fill it with hot water. Add a few dashes of baking soda or lemon juice to the water and place it in the microwave.
  • Heat on high for five minutes. This step will loosen any stuck-on residue.
  • Wipe the microwave out with a clean cloth.

When Things Gets Sticky- Kids and sticky fingers go hand-in-hand. It’s unavoidable. Even if you wanted to, you can’t watch them every second of the day, so they are going to get into things. When they do, be ready with the lemon. Yes, that’s right lemon. Lemon essential oil used on a cotton ball can quickly remove stickers, crayons, and other marks from paint, dry erase boards, wood, and glass. Lemon is a universal cleaner and freshener.

As always, when things get too sticky or messy around the home, don’t be afraid to call in the professionals. At Greenapple House Cleaning, we take your home cleaning very seriously, and we will do everything we can to ensure it is not only delightfully clean, but safe for both your children and the environment.


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