House Cleaning Ottawa: Bathroom FYI

We think it’s fair to say that most people think when house cleaning,  the bathroom is a simple task. It’s not. A high traffic bathroom can be the trickiest parts of any home to clean properly – more so  than even a kitchen. Your bathroom will typically contain many different kinds of surfaces to clean, and knowing how to address each of them is critical to ensuring it not only look spotless, but is actually bacteria free and properly finished. Here’s a few tips when giving your main family bathroom the once over it deserves (we recommend one a week) and in maintaining that clean as much as possible.

  • Rinse out when you’re done. Ceramic and porcelain tile are stain resistant – however, if you let scum and grime build up on them, that stain resistance is lessened. After your shower or bath, rinse out the tub or stall. Also – let air circulate. Put on a fan or a open window if possible during a steamy shower to discourage the growth of mildew.
  • Be aware of the counters. Bathrooms will typically have two kinds of different counter tops. Some will have granite or marble, and some will be plastic laminate (more common). Neither should be scrubbed with anything other than a damp rag or microfiber cloth. Never use a steel wool pad or aggressive brush as you risk scratching counter surfaces and encouraging the retention of bacteria. If you have a granite or marble counter top – use a specifically designed stone cleaner like Marbamist. On stone, soap leaves a hard to remove residue. On a plastic laminate counter top, an application of furniture wax will protect and seal after cleaning.
  • Fixtures and shower curtains are important. Fixtures – both sink and shower/tub can collect grime and soap residue. Rinse off and wipe them down regularly. Also – you should change your shower curtain at least once a month.
  • Pay attention to your toilet. We’re advocates of using environmentally sustainable and non toxic cleaners for your home. Toilet and tub cleaners have a reputation for being notoriously toxic, and you should never mix commercial chemical cleaners. Want an easy solution that’s not harmful? Vinegar and a 1/4 cup of baking soda. Pour undiluted vinegar and baking soda mixture into your toilet, let sit for a few minutes,  and scrub with a traditional toilet brush. Vinegar is a safe way to effectively clean the peskiest thing in the bathroom, and removes toilet rings as well as a bleach based cleaners or chemical agent.

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  1. Crystal says:

    There is water stain at the bottom of my bath tub with a shower. I can’t get rid if it with bleach. Do you provide the service for cleaning? If you do, how much do you charge?

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