Bacteria and Your Home: You’re Not as Safe as You Think

A century ago, the leading cause of death was infectious disease. In the late 1990s, though, that reality changed dramatically, thanks in part to the increased awareness of cleanliness and hygienic practices. These days, keeping your home clean helps to reduce the chances of you becoming sick- or worse. However, despite your best efforts, your home may not be as clean as you think.

While you might believe the bathroom to be the room in the house that harbors the most germ, you’d be wrong. The kitchen is actually much worse. According to a study performed by Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona, the sink in the kitchen contains more germs than a toilet seat, meaning you would most likely be safer preparing a sandwich in the bathroom than on the kitchen counter.

Dirtiest Places in the Home

The Arizona study listed seven different locations (in order of greatest to least contimation) in the home that harbor the most bacteria on their surfaces.

  • Kitchen sinks
  • The sinks in the bathroom
  • Cutting boards
  • The floor in the kitchen
  • The floor in the bathroom
  • The bathroom counter
  • The toilet

Yes, as shocking as it might be, in most homes, the toilet is the least germ-covered surface in the home. And, while home cleaning practices and hygiene has come a long way, the home isn’t as safe as you might think. Bacteria are present, and can lead to unfortunate problems, including infections and sickness.

There are other locations that Dr. Gerba found harbored an unappealing amount of bacteria, including a couple of places you might not consider to be harmful at all.

  • The Washing Machine – While washing the laundry might seem like a clean task, the washing machine you use every day is most likely dirtier than one might think. After the first load is run through, the rest of the clothes entering the washing machine is exposed to the bacteria and germs released during the rinsing of the first load of clothes. To keep this problem at bay, wash the dirtiest clothes last, and run the machine without clothes and two cups of bleach one time each month.
  • The Remote – How many individuals touch the remote to your television each day? You, your spouse, your children, friends, family members who drop by? Many viruses can survive on this type of surface for up to seventy-two hours. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t take the time to clean their remotes, and are often exposed to these viruses without knowing it.

How to Protect Your Home 

Many viruses are responsible for contributing to mental illnesses, common illnesses, and even obesity. Because of this, preventing them from harming yourself or your family is essential. One of the best ways to do this is by hiring a home cleaning service like Greenapple House Cleaning.

Whether you decide to have Greenapple House Cleaning come into the house once a week, once every two weeks, or even just once a month, the number of germs and bacteria that are killed by this home cleaning service can greatly reduce the chances of anyone in the household becoming sick.

Would you be surprised to find that your toilet is cleaner than your kitchen counter? Don’t give your home over to germs. Take care to protect your home with the help of Greenapple House Cleaning.

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