I’d Love to Hire a House Cleaning Service But… (A Word On Theft, Damage, and Toxic Chemicals)

As a business owner, I like to see what’s going on with others in the industry.  I’m pretty busy, so I don’t always have time to check around, but this morning I did, –and what an eye opener it was.

A quick Google search for “complaints about house cleaning services” brought up page after page of your worst fears come true. In reality, I had a hard time believing what I was reading. Story after story of incompetence, damage to client’s belongings, carelessness, tardiness, and theft left my head spinning. Of course, I immediately sat down at my computer to write this post, because I figured, “If this is what’s really happening in the industry, then I need to address it.” So, here we go.

The Regional Manager Syndrome

First off, I found a lot of people resorted to voicing their complaints online because they didn’t get any real answers when they called the house cleaning service to voice their concerns. Calls were passed from one person to the next, and finally to a regional manager who seemed just as disconnected as everyone else was.

house cleaning concerns


Sorry, but I have to brag about Green Apple House Cleaning here. Why? Because I see exactly where this point of disconnect comes from with Merry Maids. For the regional manager, it may just be a job. He’s probably not invested in the community where the complaint is originating, and it has become easy to simply “hope the problem will go away.” At Green Apple House Cleaning, we are aware that accountability and a sense of community are key components of any successful business. The owners of Green Apple also own Kettleman’s Bagel Co. We are part of and take great pride in this community, so we strive to go ridiculously above and beyond in everything we do. We don’t cut corners with the Old World goodness of Kettleman’s, and we don’t cut corners with our cleaning services either.

If there is a complaint, our customers won’t reach a regional manager who lives 50 miles away. You’ll be talking to people who live in your own neighborhood and relate to your concerns.

Toxic Chemicals? No Way!

Secondly, Green Apple Home Cleaning is a truly green company. Our cleaning professionals go through a detailed training program when they become part of the Green Apple family. All staff members learn about the true dangers of toxic chemicals and are completely trained on the reasons behind each of our product choices and methodologies of cleaning.

At Green Apple, we wouldn’t think of using any product or method of cleaning that could even remotely be considered harmful.  When I read the complaint below about another cleaning service, I actually couldn’t believe it was true (click to enlarge):

toxic cleaners

The above complaint covered two issues, –harmful chemicals and leaving the residence vulnerable (the ajar front door). Let’s take a look at the Green Apple way:

Your Home, Safe and Secure

When we first started Green Apple Home Cleaning, we knew that security would be a big issue. Many of our clients live in areas that require gate codes and other credentials for entrance, and our goal is to provide a 100% secure experience.

How do we accomplish that?

Instead of sending out a different crew to your home every week, and taking the chance that instructions can/will get lost in the shuffle, we have a unique system. At Green Apple, we match you with a permanent cleaning staff. This means the same individual or team will clean your home every time. They will get to know you, your concerns, details of your home, and the best way to service your needs. You’ll never have to worry about multiple individuals having access to your home or even having to explain and re-explain your particular needs to a new crew every few weeks.

And, of course, the crew we send out has passed our extensive background check. We wouldn’t allow just anyone off the street to walk into our home, –and we certainly won’t take that chance with yours.

You’ll never have to say this:

product complaints

Our goal is to make your life easier. We know that having your house cleaned is a convenience and a luxury. We make sure it stays that way!

If you’re curious about the Green Apple difference and are looking for a house cleaning service in Ottawa, give us a call. We’d love to provide you with a quote, –and a remarkable experience!

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