Keeping Your Home Clean During Summer When You Have Pets

When you own a pet, whether it is a dog, cat, or hamster, there’s a special kind of bond that develops between your family and that pet. Over time, they become more than the animal you play with a few times a day or that extra mouth to feed. They become part of your family and you love them.

As summer approaches, you will no doubt want to get your entire family, including your pets, out of the house and into the fresh air. While this may bring joy to everyone, this season can also create a big mess you have the responsibility of cleaning up.

Whether you’re worried about your pet dragging in dirt, mud, or pollen or shedding all over your nice carpet, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your home stays as clean as possible despite the summer fun.

Keeping Your Home Clean in Summer

  • Grooming – While much of your dog’s or cat’s fur may have shed already, there will still be plenty to clean up in July. Save yourself some hassle by making sure to groom your pet regularly. Brush them down once or twice a day with a specially made pet brush that can catch and capture loose fur.
  • Clean Under – Even if you think you have cleaned up all the fur around the house, there may be some that can migrate from your pet’s favorite hiding spots. Check under the bed, under coffee and end tables, and behind doors.
  • Designate an Entrance – Mud, dirt, and pollen can be big problems during summer and your pet’s fur is perfect for dragging it into the house. To avoid this, make sure to designate a certain entrance and exit for the pet to get to and from the outside. A mud room or utility room would be best, but choose a place that is convenient and allows you to take care of any mess before the pet escapes to the rest of the home.
  • Use the Right Tools – Once you’ve designated an entrance, store a few tools you can use to avoid messy cleanups. Old clean towels can be used to dry your pet off and rub much of the pollen off his or her fur. Waterless shampoo offers a quick and effective solution for dirt, and a good brush will help remove dirt, dried mud, grass, and other items clinging to the pet’s coat.
  • Carry Lint Roller – Store lint rollers in convenient locations, such as your car and by the front door. These handy tools will help rid your clothes and upholstery of unwanted hair quickly.
  • Secure the Pots – One of the biggest messes that many individuals don’t think about their pet creating is the dumped pot mess. This type of mess occurs when a pet knocks over or runs into a plant pot full of soil. Homeowners like to decorate with these pots during the summer months in an attempt to bring the outdoors inside, and when pets become rambunctious or curious, they get knocked over. If you are going to have pots in your home, make sure they are secure or placed in an area your pet can’t get to.
  • Hire Greenapple House Cleaning – While you definitely need to take steps to prevent messes caused by pets in the house, that doesn’t mean they’ll never occur. Schedule regular cleanups with Greenapple House Cleaning. With our home cleaning help, you can keep your home sparkling, even if your pet makes an occasional mess.

Love your pet but can’t stand his summer messes? Use these tips and the help of our home cleaning experts to keep your house free of dirt, pollen, mud, and fur this summer.

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