When a Company Says They’re Green, What Does This Mean?

The good news: Many individuals today are realizing the health, safety, and positive effects on the environment a green company and green products can have. We’re educating ourselves, and we’re making better choices in every area from organic produce to natural cleaning products and pesticides, and that’s a very good thing.

The bad news: Unfortunately, whenever there is a call from the public for a certain type of solution, there will always be companies who want to hop onboard the easy way, –which generally is also the deceptive way. Companies scrambling to comply with the demand for green products are sometimes guilty of “greenwashing,” –or using green marketing to promote the perception that a company or product is environmentally friendly, when in fact, it is not.  , Some of the ways companies greenwash their products include:

Company Green – Washing Tactics

  • A cleaning product, for example, may choose to add an earth symbol to their product label in an effort to “make no false claims” yet lead consumers to believe the product is good for the environment.
  • Paper products often tout the phrase “recyclable” and even change the color of their labels and/or product to give the false illusion they are manufactured with recycled products. Consumers need to read carefully. Recyclable is what the product truly is, but it may not have been created with recycled products.
  • Sometimes a company, (we’re thinking of a famous soft drink here, that rhymes with “joke”) will simply change the color of their label and let the imagination of the consumer do the rest of the work. Soft drink production uses an enormous amount of water while leaving behind tons of waste. So, what did they do? Joined several water conservation projects (while failing to mention how these waters became stressed in the first place.)

What Can You Do?

It’s important to do your homework when relying on green products and green companies. Yes, this may take a bit of extra time, but green products generally cost more as well, so it’s time well spent. If you run across a service claiming to be green, be sure they can back those claims. It’s important to be able to believe in a company. Trust is everything.

Green Apple Cleaning’s Kind of Green

Our kind of green goes all out. We are passionate about the environment and about the health of our clients.

Green Apple only uses non-toxic and chemical free cleaning agents to ensure a true, natural clean and freshness. We will never expose your home to anything that could even be considered toxic. We carefully research each and every product we bring into your home, from our natural cleaning products to the decision to use micro fibre cleaning cloths.

Green Apple Home Cleaning Services offers a different kind of clean. We didn’t just jump onboard when environmental awareness was rising. We live this lifestyle and we are just as concerned about your family as we are about our own.

Whether you’re looking for office or residential cleaning, we invite you to give us a call today. We’ll come out for a cleaning assessment so we can provide the best quote possible. We believe you deserve the best, –and we believe Green Apple Cleaning Services IS the best!

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