Five Gifts No One Will Refuse, Return or Re-Gift!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they’re faced with buying a gift for ‘the impossible giftee.’ Oh, they’re not impossible on purpose. They’re just incredibly difficult to shop for.

Here’s a few that immediately come to mind:

  • The person with everything – You’ve met this one before. They have impeccable taste, but they already own everything they could ever want. This person shops as an extra-curricular activity, and there’s no telling what they’ve brought home lately.
  • The person with crazy taste – You know the one. This is the friend who doesn’t believe in television, only eats with chopsticks, and wears tie dyed sun dresses. What do you buy for them? You wouldn’t even know where to begin.
  • The overeducated – Have you ever met a person who has so thoroughly researched every subject known to man? He is like a walking, talking “Consumer Reports.” It gives you a headache just thinking about shopping for him.
  • The trendsetter – This person doesn’t follow the latest trends. They MAKE the latest trends. You wouldn’t even know where to begin.

So, what do you do? We’ve got five foolproof gift ideas for you. We’re glad you found this article, –you can thank us later!

1. A signature bottle of wine – There are do-it-yourself wineries in almost every major city, allowing you to bottle your own signature wine, and it’s a lot of fun. Take a few co-workers or friends along and have a bottling party. Oh, and don’t forget the gift too!

2. Dinner and a movie gift card – For about $50 you can basically purchase an evening out. Regardless of how difficult they are, everyone likes movie tickets.

3. Fresh, organic herb set – Whether you shop online or have an organic market nearby, no one will turn away fresh, organic herbs. The aroma alone is enough to keep the gift, even if the giftee doesn’t cook!

4. An iTunes Gift Card – Everyone loves apps, and some of the more productive ones cost a few dollars. Of course, there’s also music…but we happen to love apps. (If you buy us an iTunes gift card, we won’t complain).

5. Home Cleaning Services From Green Apple – In the busy world we live in, this is like a present from heaven. Almost no one has time to clean, but everyone loves the way a fresh, clean, and sanitary home looks and smells. Help your friends or loved ones shake off the burden of house cleaning to enjoy some much needed free time.

How’s that for the best list of gifts for the difficult impossible to shop for? And just in case you want to pamper yourself, give us a call! With our economical weekly and bi-weekly service plans and pricing, it makes sense to give yourself a gift every once in a while!

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