Summer Organizing and De-Cluttering Tips

During fall and winter, the weather traps us indoors. We’re more likely to sit down in front of a roaring fireplace than take the time to actually organize.

As summer approaches, however, that sleepy state we experienced throughout the colder months disappears. Looking around, is it time to make your living space look less like a hibernation cave?

While summer organizing might seem a bit daunting at first, it can easily be tackled with just a few quick tips.

De-Cluttering and Organizing for Summer

  • Devote the Time – As a first step toward your de-cluttered life, commit the necessary time to this project. It doesn’t have to be significant. In fact, only 15 minutes a day, every day to cleaning up and organizing one area of the home can help the clutter slowly, but surely, disappear.
  • Tackle the Abyss – Whether it’s your garage or back closet, many of us have an area we could nickname ‘the abyss.’ Beyond organizing and tidying up, you’ll need to remove all the items in order to actually see what you have, what needs to be stored, what needs to be tossed, and what simply needs to be placed in easy-access areas in the house.
  • Organize it – Once you have determined what items will be staying and which ones will fill your next yard sale or charity donation box, it’s time to get organized. Don’t hold back during this step; go all out. Put up extra shelves in the closet or in the garage, purchase bins and baskets for loose items, and carefully label each storage container so you know exactly what is in it before pulling it out. Not big on labels? Try clear bins that will let you identify the contents easily.
  • Have a Yard Sale – Summer is the perfect time to hold a yard sale. Everyone is out and about, and, if the price is right, they would love to turn your unwanted items into special knickknacks for their home. You’ll not only make a few extra bucks, but you’ll clear out a lot of space in the process.
  • Clean the Garage – While cold weather might have kept you inside for the last few months, there’s no excuse to not get out now and clean the garage. This area is an addition of your home, and is often your biggest space for storage. Pack loose items in bins and place them on shelves, hang bikes along the wall, and use hooks and peg boards to organize and neatly store your tools, garden equipment, and craft supplies.
  • Get it Clean – Once the de-cluttering is complete, hire a home cleaning company like Greenapple House Cleaning. While the organization and de-cluttering might have helped to free up space in your home, Greenapple House Cleaning can make that space shine. Our home cleaning company is perfect for weekly house cleaning, bi-weekly, or even one time jobs to get you back on track.

Organizing and getting rid of the clutter of winter is an important part of summer. Make sure you are taking advantage of the long summer days with a clean, clutter-free space during the warmer months.

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