Tired of Allergies and Pet Hair? Here’s What to do

When you first brought that four-legged furry friend home, you got a bit more than you bargained for. Besides the training, the damaged furniture and chewed shoes, you noticed something else. Every time you gave him a hug, your eyes would begin to water and the sneezes just wouldn’t stop.

Over time, the allergies became worse, and it didn’t seem like you could go anywhere in the house without experiencing some sort of reaction. Or maybe your story isn’t quite that bad. Possibly you’re allergy free for the most part, but find yourself experiencing a reaction when Fido sleeps at the foot of your bed. Whatever the case, –you’re dealing with pet allergies.

Pet allergies are very common, and are most often caused by dander and saliva. These proteins are ‘sticky’ in that they stick to almost everything, like clothing, bedding, carpet, and furniture, and are very difficult to eliminate from a home.

While most individuals who suffer from pet allergies simply live their lives without experiencing the joy of owning a pet, if you can’t stand to let your furry friend go, here are a few ways overcome the misery of living with allergies.

Dealing With Allergies From Pet Hair, Dander, and Saliva

  • Out of the Bedroom – While you might love the fact that the dog sleeps at the end of the bed every night or cuddled next to you under the covers, allowing him to sleep in the bed can result in even more problems with allergies. His dander and hair can easily become trapped in the bedding, and be very difficult to dislodge. If you want to avoid waking up with a runny nose and watery eyes, provide him with his own space to sleep outside the bedroom.
  • Give Him a Bath – If you can, try to give him a bath once a week. This will remove many of the dead skin cells and loose fur that can aggravate allergies. Make sure to use a shampoo that is appropriate for the pet, though, and read the label first for specific instructions. If you don’t have time to give the pet a bath, wipe him down with hypoallergenic, fragrance-free baby wipes for a quick fix.
  • Wash Your Hands – You can’t go your entire life without petting your animal, especially when he looks up at you with those loving eyes. Whenever you do pet him, though, make sure to avoid touching anything, especially your face, before you wash your hands. This will help to avoid transferring allergens from the pet to your skin.
  • Small Animals – If you are allergic to dogs and cats, don’t think you’ll be safe by adopting a smaller animal like a hamster, mouse, or gerbil. These small animals have allergens that can be even more highly potent than larger pets. If you already own a small animal, try to avoid direct contact as much as possible by having someone else clean their cage. Save the direct contact time for when you are playing with or petting the animal.
  • Hire a Home Cleaning Service – If you want to avoid breathing in and coming into contact with as much dander as possible, hire a reliable home cleaning service like Greenapple House Cleaning. We will not only make sure every inch of the home is spotless, but we are also pros at taking care of pet hair and dander. At Greenapple House Cleaning, we use HEPA vacuums, which have been show to be extremely affective for removing dander and hair from carpets and floors.

If you are allergic to pet dander, don’t live with the sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes anymore. With a few simple steps and regular thorough home cleaning by Greenapple House Cleaning, you can enjoy owning a pet while reducing the allergens in the home.

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