Is Your Office As Clean As You Think It Is? Take a Look

Most of us are concerned about the cleanliness of our homes. It’s our safe haven and we want our families to have a germ free and healthy environment. But what about the office? Often, we tend to look at cleanliness in quite a different way.

We’re there to be productive and we don’t generally have the time or energy to clean our workspace as thoroughly as our homes.  As long as our keyboard is wiped down occasionally and our desks are in order, we’re pretty happy. Unfortunately, we need to take a second look at the possible hazards lurking in your workplace.

A 2010 study performed by the Royal Society of Chemistry, or RSC, which evaluated empty offices in Britain for health hazards quickly found that mice and other rodents were becoming a growing problem in the workplace, mainly due to insufficient office hygiene and individuals dropping crumbs while eating at their desks.

Another study, performed by Which? in 2008, concluded through questioning and multiple tests that 20 percent of office employees never clean their mouse and less than 50 percent take the time each month to clean their keyboard.

The lack of cleanliness, food droppings, and workers failing to wash their hands after using the restroom causes harmful bacteria to develop in the office space. The study found that the majority of the keyboards, out of 33 total, were harboring more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Is Your Office Clean?

These staggering statistics lead to two important questions:

Do you put as much thought and effort into cleanliness in your office as you do cleanliness in your home? 

Is your office really clean?

Chances are, if you weren’t thinking about the cleanliness of your office before, you are now, and these statistics will prompt you to take a more active role in keeping them free of harmful bacteria. But how do you make sure your office is really clean and free of bacteria that could cause health problems like e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, and coliforms?

The only real way of being sure your office is as clean as it needs to be is to hire the right cleaning company, and Greenapple House Cleaning is the best option. Our knowledgeable and experienced Ottawa office cleaning experts always make sure your health is the first priority. That is why we not only ensure every inch of your office is thoroughly clean, but use natural, non-toxic, and chemical free cleaners.

With our Ottawa home cleaning experts, you also don’t have to worry about taking the time and putting in the effort to sterilize and clean your office. We at Greenapple House Cleaning do it all, from dusting the keyboard and vacuuming the floor to sanitizing each mouse, wiping down every monitor and removing grime from the break room microwave.

Are you exposing your employees to harmful bacteria through insufficient cleaning practices in the office? It’s time for a change, and Greenapple House Cleaning is the answer.

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