How ActiveIon Water Technology Works

ActiveIon Water Technology is arguably one of the most revolutionary products that’s come to market in the last 50 years. We’re proud to say we’re the only cleaning company in Ottawa who’s invested in ActiveIon and have been actively using it in all of our cleanings. The science behind it has actually been around for a while, but it’s typically been way too expensive to apply commercially. The process is actually quite simple.

  • Water – regular everyday tapwater – is drawn through something called a Water Cell. The water cell applies a negative and positive charge to the water as it moves through a membrane. As the electricity is applied to the water, it causes the water molecule to break down, and allows gas bubbles to form between the molecules.
  • These gas bubbles are mainly made up of hydrogen and oxygen. These bubbles also take on a positive or negative independent charge. This is called “water activation”.
  • These bubbles are what attach to the dirt – which can have either a positive or negative charge themselves. Opposites attract.
  • Like charged molecules repel from one another. The positive or negative charged molecules literally grab dirt off of surfaces. The bubbles trap the dirt in the activated water.
  • While the water is leaving the nozzle of the Ionator – there is a small electrical field which is applied to the mist.
  • This electrical field bombards germs and bacteria with enough electrical stimulation to destroy them – sanitizing any surface or area with the same, if not a better effect than ANY commercially available cleaner.
  • Simply wiping the surface down removes dirt and bacteria that the activated water been applied to.

As one of Ottawa’s premier house cleaning and house keeping services, we’re committed to creating awareness about the realities of commercial cleaning products and their dangers. You can clean your home without the use of bleach, and taking the environment into consideration is easier than you think. Contact us to schedule a booking for your house cleaning or request a quote.

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One response to “How ActiveIon Water Technology Works”

  1. Stephanie Hamilton says:


    My sister used to have an ActiveIon water cleaning system. It was a larger system that could fill up any bottle to be used throughout the house as cleaners, much the same as your portable ionators. She absolutely loved it and it worked incredibly well, until the unit broke and she couldn’t get parts to fix it. I’m not certain why. I saw one of these units on clearance in the States once, but otherwise haven’t seen them. And yes, they are very expensive to purchase, but both my sister and I believe that they are well worth their weight in gold. If we could purchase another unit, we would.

    I am most definitely going to request a quote for your services after I send this comment. The fact that your company uses this technology (and is the only one in the city that does) means everything to me.

    Thank you for providing this service in Ottawa!

    Best regards,
    Stephanie Hamilton

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