Getting Mites Out Of Your Home


We received some questions after our post on bed bugs – mostly about other kinds of mites that can enter the home – like dust mites. We’ve decided to elaborate a little further on mites, and how they can affect your household.

There are many different kinds of mites that can affect human beings. The dust mite – domestically the most common – feeds off of the dust in your home and dead skin cells. They can trigger allergies and respiratory problems, as well as cause skin irritation. They normally enter the home via humans and pets. Common question – how can you get rid of them? We’re going to provide some tips on eliminating these pesky microscopic home invaders.

Vacuum – you can never do enough of this or have enough of it done. Vacuum as much of the carpeting and upholstery in your home as possible. Use a strong vacuum with a HEPA filter, which captures significantly more particles than the average filter. Carpeting is a haven for dust mites.

Air Purification – purchase an air purifier with HEPA filtration. You can have one in each bedroom and one in each carpeted room.

Mattress Covers – encasing your mattresses in plastic enclosures greatly reduces the settling of mites and bed bugs. Mattresses are their favorite place to dwell. Eliminating their ability to reproduce in these key places (where you shed skin cells), and separating your body from the surface of the mattress, is a key strategy in getting them out of the house.

Hot Water Washes and Laundry – Washing sheets, linens, drapes and pillow cases in hot water is an effective method for supressing dust mite reproduction.

As one of Ottawa’s premier house cleaning services, we’re committed to creating knowledge and know how with mites and their effect on the health of our families. Contact us to schedule a booking for your house cleaning or request a quote.

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