Ottawa House Cleaning – Summer Organization Tips

The summer is typically one of the busiest times in any home, especially if you have children. In between visits from a professional cleaner, you might want to consider some of these tips for summer organization.

1. Add a row of coat hooks to your garage or carport wall. Put everyone’s name above one of them. These are great places for everything from wet bathing suits, to shoes, to school bags. Below each hook, add a little plastic tote bag with handles. These can hold anything from flip flops to suntan lotion. Reduce the amount of clutter coming into the home.

2. BBQ Grilling Tools: Your grill tools are too long to fit into the most conventional of kitchen drawers. Install a pegboard near the BBQ and hang your grill tools before and after.

3. Water Toy Storage: Have a pool? Store your water toys in a rubbermaid bin with holes drilled in the bottom to drain water. Perfect for pool noodles or water toys.

4. Reduce closet clutter in bedrooms. 95% of people usually don’t put off season clothes away for half the year, but you’d be surprised how much space this creates in bedroom closets. Canvas bags are economical solutions for the storage of your winter and fall gear. There’s no use in having sweaters lingering in your closets when we’re having a heatwave.

5. Dedicate a space in the house for unused items: Instead of dedicating a whole day to trying to take inventory of the things that have no further use in your home, do it over a month. Keep them neatly in a space for the month and build on it as you find things.

6. Hold A Garage Sale: Instead of trashing the items to clear them out of the home – hold a garage sale on a weekend.

7. Out With The Old: Summer is a great time to take stock of toys and games that the kids don’t play with anymore. Take advantage of the opportunity to explain the benefits of giving the things you’ve outgrown to the Salvation Army or even to company’s like Value Village. Creating room in the house for new toys and

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